At the Sunshine Group, we take new perspectives to the horizon and beyond. Ever since our inception in 1993, we have made it our business to see things differently. Where others see land and buildings, bricks and mortar, we see strategic assets that build value for our clients. We look at the world through their eyes, keeping their specific requirements in mind. We look beyond preconceived notions and examine the alternatives. And we use the only the highest quality materials available to develop housing, retail, commercial and infrastructural solutions that enrich the way people live, work, learn and play.

Who we are

Since its inception, the company has worked tirelessly to make its mark on the real estate market in India. By focusing on hard work, commitment and a passion for creating and delivering excellence; the company has achieved growth year on year. Today, Sunshine Housing and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. has projects with a total construction area of over 12,00,000 square feet. Not to mention the addition of prestigious landmarks such as Shatrunjay Tower, Sunshine Heights, Sunshine Plaza and Hi Life! Mall to its rapidly-increasing real estate portfolio.

The way we work

At the Sunshine Group, we focus on doing whatís right for our clients. We commit ourselves to building not just world-class spaces, but long-term partnerships and relationships. We place a strong emphasis on incorporating our values and principles of consistency, accountability, professionalism, innovation, transparency and customer satisfaction into our work. Our competitive nature drives us to constantly seek to Ďraise the productivityĎ throughout the company. We take pride in our work and the contribution it makes to the performance of our company, the industry and society. We practice corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. And we use commitment and passion as tools for creating excellence. Itís our way of ensuring we deliver on our goal - to create new horizons for the Group as well as our clients.
Sunshine Mission

  • To achieve overall growth and performance through quality projects, people & quality customers.
  • To continue learning, understanding and foreseeing our customersí changing needs.
  • To provide creative, flexible and unique, yet competitive solutions.
  • To maintain the highest standards of service and to improve the level of customer satisfaction.
  • To implement cost control and benefit the customers without compromising on product quality
  • To protect our customersí investments by ensuring timely completion of projects.
  • To regard human resources as a real time asset, by encouraging growth, development and advancement in skills.
  • To proactively give back to the community by participating in socially responsible activities.
  • To broaden our horizons by building structures that compare with the best across the globe.
Sunshine Vision

To establish the Sunshine Group as a leading real estate and development organization that builds a better life. We hope to do this by showcasing ourselves as a company that has achieved growth through hard work, expertise and professionalism and customer satisfaction. Through the creation of world-class spaces, we aim to secure a prominent place for ourselves in the Indian construction industry and proceed to becoming a global player in the near future.
Our Principles

At the Sunshine Group, our work is centred on our core values and beliefs which are:

  • Professionalism :
  • It is integral to the way we run our business and do business.

  • Customer Satisfaction :
  • We create unique, quality projects which exceed the expectations and acceptance levels of our customers.

  • Consistency :
  • We maintain consistency with every project we take on by using only the highest quality materials.

  • On-time delivery :
  • We work hard and fast to ensure we maintain our track record as one of the most efficient housing and infrastructure providers.

  • People power :
  • We promote teamwork, inculcate a sense of business ethic, motivate employees to contribute to all projects without hesitation and reward them suitably for their skills.

  • Corporate governance :
  • We comply with relevant industry acts, rules and regulations and work within a legal framework as we go about our business.

Our Team : The people behind our success

Our Directors

  • Mr. Kashyap K. Mehta
  • Mr. Mehtaís vision has given birth to the Sunshine Group, where he holds the position of Director of the Groupís companies. With a qualification in Civil Engineering (DCE), Mr. Mehta started off by spending 4 years working onsite at the construction field where he learnt the tricks of the trade. In 1992, he started his own business in Civil Contracts and property development and developed working relationships with well known corporates such as Vitesse, RPG, Ceat, HMV, Reliance Industries and Reliance Petrochemicals. At the Sunshine Group, his portfolio revolves around project feasibility, acquisition, legal, administration and external affairs.

  • Mr. Atul S. Bharani
  • This charismatic leader has been a Finance & Investment Consultant since 1980. A science graduate, Mr. Bharani is also one of the key Directors of the Sunshine Group. His current portfolio includes finance, accounts, sales and marketing and the human resource functions. His continuous efforts have made the brand a force to reckon with in the construction world and have bought many a success to the Sunshine Group.

  • Mr. Vijay N. Goradia
  • Mr. Goradia joined the Sunshine Group as a Director as recently as February, 2008. His inclusion has strengthened the Groupís capabilities in project planning and architecture designs. With a background in B.E (Civil), Mr. Goradia has spent 25 years in the profession. He also owns an architectural firm, which has produced splendid results works all over Mumbaiís residential, commercial, industrial and SRA scheme segments. For the Sunshine Group, Mr. Goradia showcases his dexterity at project and plan approvals and liaisons with various departments of the Corporation.

  • Mr. Pratik J. Vira
  • The dynamic Mr. Vira joined the Sunshine Group as a Director in February, 2008. India. He has vast experience in project execution and onsite experience. After spending around 30 months in monitoring projects and building up internal controls, his zest and passion has earned him the position of the youngest Director at the Sunshine Group. A graduate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, his forte lies in bringing his expert knowledge of Finance and Accounts to the table.